Best hotels in Istanbul

Istanbul is a kind of open-air museum, located both in Asia and Europe. There are a lot of attractions, which tourists from all over the world travel to get acquainted with.

The diversity of Istanbul hotels reflects the originality of the city.

But on whatever hotel you have not stopped your choice, the pleasure and unforgettable impressions of visiting the capital of Turkey are guaranteed to you.


Especially for our readers, based on feedback from guests and on their maximum evaluation, we picked up the best hotels in Istanbul.

  • Hotel Hotel Sultania
  • White House Hotel
  • Hotel Osmanhan Hotel
  • Hotel World Heritage
  • Hotel Basileus Hotel
  • Premist Hotel
  • Hotel World Heritage
  • Hotel Four Seasons
  • Hotel Millennium Suites

In addition to the list of the best hotels in Istanbul, we also compiled a list of the best hotels in Istanbul, where budget hotels with the best guest reviews are collected.

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