Insurance of real estate in Turkey

Insurance of real estate both commercial and non-commercial is one of the aspects that owners of property in Turkey necessarily face. As in all other types of insurance, insurance coverage for real estate insurance in Turkey provides protection only from those types of risks that are prescribed in the insurance contract.

Therefore, if you want to know exactly what kind of damage to your real estate, you can expect insurance compensation from your insurance company then carefully read the insurance contract before you sign it. The main condition for receiving insurance payments is that the insured event does not happen due to your fault, and this fact must be confirmed by the insurance company’s experts.


Standard insurance programs for property Turkey usually provide insurance compensation taking into account approximately 15 risks. The contract of insurance of real estate usually consists for a year, and the cost of insurance depends on the size and location of the property and the value of the property that it contains, and on average averages from approximately 300 to 500 Turkish Lira a year.

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